A strange picture of some sand snakes at gencon.

Died because sand snakes

Tis us! 


OH MY GOD. #Parakiss full group #cosplay!!!! #ACEN Please tag yourselves/reblog so I can credit you because OHMYGOD YOU’RE AMAZING.

Oh hello beautiful! This is my (Isabella!) personal account! I will also reblog to our cosplay account. :3

Paradise Kiss 2014. We met this lovely, very excited lady (nightengaleneedles!) and she snapped our picture. Check her out. <3
The Grimm Sisters


We have a cosplay page!

(via ladylikexxx)

Harley Quinn!
Can’t wait to get a full shot of this costume.
Street gang Justice League teaser photo.
The Grimm Sisters

We have a cosplay page!

How about a go, mister? 
Ladyship of the Rings, Gencon 2013
The Ladyship of the Rings
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